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The Making Connections Walsall (MCW) provides older people in Walsall with an opportunity to explore their social needs and interests. It seeks to address the loneliness and isolation of older people by providing them with support to build their social networks and engage in community activities.

This service provides the health community and social care professionals with a single route of referral into appropriate local community based social support networks.

MCW WILL reduce the time spent searching for community projects and services to address the loneliness and isolation of older people. MCW WILL NOT replace social care provision, clinical care or treatment.

Who is eligible?

People who are over 60 years, live in Walsall and are lonely or socially isolated are eligible for this service.

Who can refer?

Any Health, Social Care and Community Professional can refer into this service by taking three simple steps:

1 Advise the service users about the MCW programme

2 Obtain consent to refer

3 Complete and email referral form to homesafety.centre@wmfs.net. (See reverse for form)

How does it work?

Referrals are processed by West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) and allocated to one of the four hubs via the NHS Data Collection and Recording System (DCRS).

The Hub will arrange an appointment with your service user to discuss their social needs and support them to access social activities. Older people using this service will also be offered the opportunity to have a Safe and Well Visit undertaken by West Midlands Fire Service.

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