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Stopping Smoking

Smoking is still the single greatest cause of illness and premature death in England. If you give up smoking you will see very quickly some of the benefits that stopping smoking brings.

Smoking while pregnant also affects the unborn baby.




Smoking Shisha – the smoking of tobacco through a      bowl and hose or tube – is just as dangerous as cigarette  smoking.

The most successful way to stop smoking is with the help of  Stop Smoking Services and you can find information on Walsall Stop Smoking Services or call 01922 444044


Family and friends being protected from second hand smoke

Smoking doesn’t just affect the smoker, it affects the whole family. Children are at greatest risk, and adverse health effects include, pneumonia, bronchitis and worsening of asthma.

It also affects pets who will not only inhale the smoke but will also lick their fur which will have the toxic chemicals from cigarette smoke on it.

Making homes, cars and other environments Smokefree

Smokefree environments protect people from secondhand smoke:

  • Smoking in the home is not only bad for the health of the smoker it can affect everyone else living there. Stopping Smoking is the best thing you can do, but even stopping smoking indoors will help protect others from secondhand smoke
  • Smoking in the car is not good for people’s health either and from October 2015 it became illegal to smoke in a car with any passenger under the age of 18.
  • Some organisations/places have gone completely Smokefree or are working towards this. This has included such places as play grounds.  Please see examples below:

Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The  Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust 

The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Malvern Hills District Council

Newcastle City Council

Observing the law on smoking and tobaccoistock_18476213_compress

Since July 2007 smoking in virtually all enclosed public places and workplaces, as well as works vehicles, has been prohibited by law throughout the United Kingdom

Since 1 October 2007 it has been illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18 (previously 16).

The Smokefree Cars Legislation came in to force October 2015. If caught in the car smoking with someone under the age of 18 present, there is  a fixed penalty of £50.

Knowing the facts about smoking and tobacco control

The costs to the health and economy of smoking and tobacco are great:

  • Smoking is still the single greatest cause of illness and premature death in England. It is the single biggest modifiable risk factor for cancer and heart disease and a major causative factor for lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • The availability of illicit tobacco is an increasingly prevalent issue. Tobacco smuggling and the sale of cheap counterfeit cigarettes are illegal acts
  • Each year in Walsall it is estimated that smoking costs approx £70.6m, £1,798 per smoker per year.   Of this £70.6m,
    • Early deaths due to smoking result in 1,061 years of lost productivity, this costs the economy approx £18m
    • Smoking breaks in Walsall cost an estimated £28.7m
    • Local businesses lose approx 53, 941 days of productivity each year due to smoking related sick days.  This costs about £5m
    • Total costs to the NHS are about £1 1.6m
    • Local Authority costs about £3.4m as a result of additional social care required later in life due to smoking related illnesses
    • There are approximately 17 smoking related fires at a cost of approximately £2m
    • There is 27 tonnes of waste annually from 159m filtered cigarettes smoked.   Of this, more than 6 tonnes is discarded as street litter and must be collected by LA street cleaning services. (ASH, 2015)



istock_29824178_compressAre significantly less harmful to  health than tobacco and have the potential to help smokers quit smoking.  (Public Health England, 2015)

As yet, are not regulated and are not licensed as an aid to stop smoking.

From 2015, a law was introduced prohibiting selling of e-cigarettes to under -18s, and on adults buying them on behalf of under-18s.


Walsall Stop Smoking Services are offering support to E-Cigarette users as part of their journey to quitting smoking. Contact the services on 01922 444044 for more information.

‘Vaping in public places: advice for employers and organizations’ has been published by Public Health England and can be found at the following link:

Reducing the supply of illegal tobacco


These criminal activities severely damage the local economy and legitimate traders by gaining a competitive advantage at their expense, and taking trade away from genuine hard working businesses.

The sale of Illicit tobacco is a lucrative business carried out by large international criminal organisations that not only deal in cigarettes but also alcohol and drugs and even human trafficking. The people selling illegal tobacco products are also prepared to sell to young people and children as they can afford the cheaper price.  Cheap cigarettes also make it harder for people to quit and remain smokefree.

Trading Standards have undertaken many exercises looking for illicit tobacco using a tobacco detection dog and based on intelligence often provided by local people. Any concerns or information , regarding illicit tobacco contact: 01922 653040.

There is an  Employer Compliance Pack produced by the Environmental Health Team

Effective communication and promotion

Information, communications and campaigns, at a national and local level, aim to promote key messages relating to quitting smoking and tobacco. Please see the below:


PHE Campaigns:


Health Harms

Smoking in vehicles 

Ensuring effective regulation and enforcement

Walsall Council’s Environmental Health team enforce the smokefree legislation. Routine compliance checks are carried out as well as the investigation of any complaints.

Trading Standards are also involved in a range of enforcement activity, including, as above, looking for illicit tobacco and carrying out test-purchases.

Everyone working together

A co-ordinated approach to tobacco control is required in order to fully realise the improvements to the health and economy of Walsall and all of those living, working and visiting Walsall. This includes a combination of all of the above and us all making a contribution.

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The Smokefree Legislation



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